THIS IS GUN-PLA! | Gun Girl Lady 4K Build and Mega Review

I get the joke Bandai. It’s GUN-pla.

All these kits are available from Hobblink Japan Below:
Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun x Lady Commander Alice Set BOX
Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun Ver Delta Tango with First Release Bonus
Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun Ver. Alpha Tango w/ First Release Bonus
Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Build Up Nippers
Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Entry Nippers
Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun Ver. Bravo Tango w/ First Release Bonus
Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun Ver. Charlie Tango w/ First Release Bonus

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0:00 INTRO
10:00 Gundam Marker Panel Lines
12:30 Ver. Charlie Tango
13:28 Ver. Delta Tango
14:26 Ver. Bravo Tango
30:15 Stickers
33:05 Articulation
36:59 GUN + GIRL

#gunpla #anime #GUNGIRLLADY


  1. GalacticCaveBear より:

    I think a really cool video idea would be testing the entry grade God Hands against the mid-range and stupidly expensive ones. Also, I love the little tutorial part. Would love to see more videos like that. It’s hard to find good tutorial videos.

  2. ArcticKaiju より:

    Bro! File down your CLAWS!

  3. Hobby Volt より:

    I really want to build literally all of these!

  4. argiN duoL より:

    the fuck’s this guys get up in the start of the build

  5. Mr.Nu より:

    can it do the slav squat?

    man this was a very long video.

    great review as always..! thank you!

  6. 118bone より:

    Love the Gio San Pedro homage

  7. Steve H より:

    I had such bad luck with the pour type panel lining pens I gave them away. The darker colors tend to develop a weird purple glaze after a while, similar to using a Sharpie pen on plastic. It looked bad enough I’m going to strip and re-line 2-3 MG kits.

  8. Da Best of Da Best より:

    I need this. It’s so frigin bizzare

  9. Jackie Lee より:

    i like the new intro

  10. Wayward Son より:

    bandai should make the plakit gun that transform to girl from akibaranger

  11. Fjord Dkcckkc より:

    So it’s a gun… but it’s a hover bike, but it doesn’t actually shoot anything? I don’t understand either man, it’s just strange

  12. Hmm Doh より:

    There will be assault rifle n the hand gun attach to it XD

  13. MyNameIsRenzy より:

    absolutely love the series they’re doing with these guns in the bandai youtube channel

  14. Chilly Jack より:

    The blue girl is just asking to be kitbashed with HG Vidar.

  15. Triphos より:

    The ASMR is weird but ok

  16. Allen Usison より:

    Man, you got every single Gun for the first wave! And it seems you laying out the boxes and building them is just like how Koharu laid them out. I follow the show so well, you are her mirror!

  17. Rommel より:

    I like the gio mode

  18. Kuro No Naga より:

    XD oh god 40 minutes mission
    you could of separate this video XD

  19. Brawl Krazy HaruHaru OwO より:

    “You cant call any Plamo as Gunpla” – my Japanese friend

  20. Bradsurps より:

    That intro was fucking smooth

  21. Alcarde Spear より:

    Nerf wins over these.

  22. nit Inundate より:

    Woah MG upped his production value

  23. supernan312 より:

    Nosie chricket

  24. zaid diaz より:

    Hi please review Number 57 Armored puppet kits

  25. Truth hurts J.J. Abrams より:

    Japan makes the weirdest things but thank God for a country that’s always thinking out of the box

  26. Just A Specter より:

    Me: **sees mecha’s hands that looks like a female hands**
    Also me: *[confuse confused confusion]*

  27. Yzack & Xander Flores より:

    Can you make a video of top HG in best of articulation and another video for MG?

  28. SaINt より:

    So I paused the video mid-way to go watch an episode of Girl Gun Lady- Yeah… It’s a weird one alright. school shooter the live action anime; bold choice to go full Columbine. Remarkably well acted for a giant product placement, though.

  29. Mia Empaynado より:

    Pls do soul of chogokin voltron & vehicle voltron and plz getter robo

  30. Ryan Ty より:

    Those exact nippers have been released before, just different packaging. Nothing new. Bandai entry nipper and build up nipper.

  31. Jose Barillas より:

    Please tell you took a pic of your outfit from this video, kinda interesting sleeves

  32. HunYol より:

    27:20 ok something i immediately see and *love*, multiple faces, one thing i usually hate about kits like these is they only let you select one facial expression

  33. EcnoTheNeato より:

    Lovin this video! Thanks for taking me on this trip with you ^_^

  34. JM Llenaresas より:

    So Mecha Gai is watching Gio San Pedro too

  35. waterwolf より:

    that isn’t gunpla that’s


  36. Adam Bryant より:

    I wan’t to see the rifle!

  37. nooras abdullah より:

    This looks like a luger

  38. Rascal G より:

    What kind of lighting do you use?

  39. Chepi Nur より:

    Maybe it is small because they adjusted it to fit with Japanese girl’s hands

  40. Aaron Rose より:

    The Delta Tango version looks like a freaking Luger

  41. TheDR より:

    The first kit with this kind of joint like the commander is FRS zero suit

  42. emiliano TYPE-G より:

    no name niper is my favorite gundam

  43. Romeo Lozano より:

    Rgb = performance

  44. Thomas Carlton より:

    Does it shoot the projectile?

  45. Ahta Yudhani より:

    reminds me of kamen rider W’s gun (Luna Trigger memory combo)

  46. Indra より:

    38:15 Why indeed, it is just Japan doing Japanese thing

  47. Marurun Kai より:

    I’m really amaze how the video quality is improving year after a year. really mecha, i’ve been subs for 20k subs until now and your video is keep improving alot.

  48. Potatoe WiFi より:

    The recoil on that pistol is gonna be painful

  49. Mychal Weitzman より:

    Waiting for mine to get here…

  50. Labomba boy より:

    wait were these your hands ???

  51. boeingnz より:

    Why three thingy that look like bullet but it does not shoot????

    So Bandai just went backward from gundam to just gun.

  52. Fred Day より:

    It cracks the plastics because the excess gets in to tightly joined areas and can’t dry so it creates expansion. Those pens use enamel, just like tamiya panel liner.

  53. Fred Day より:

    Those nippers are also just repackaged. The blue ones i have and were packages as “bandai spirits”

  54. the licensednerd より:

    Daisy is already best girl and I haven’t even watched the show yet

  55. Hans Lim より:

    nice lights you got there

  56. Jay-r Castillo より:

    You can mod that gun into a Blade Runner / Cyberpunk motor bike with or without wheels, although I don’t know if Bandai will considered using that kit on GBWC.

  57. Large Soda より:

    Bruh this is like B-daman but with an actual gun

  58. Char Aznable より:

    The wings, building them is the same idea to building an actual gun and putting on the Ejection port dust cover

  59. Shonen Bag より:

    The series is actually really fun. It’s like madoka but with guns.

  60. pitwan desu より:

    yo..your videography style changed and its good

  61. Naito より:

    is it me or do the hair and head piece look like a scope when the girl on the gun-bike?

  62. ZeroRed1 より:

    [-.,,.-] are you trolling us on that nipper demo. With a brand new pair of god hands. Cutting a runner that thick you will bend the blade if not break it off within 10 to 15 cuts. I have personally walked in the house with a brand new pair and within 2 minutes was walking right back out the door. I call it my $92.00 60 second lifelong lesson. Only by sheer coincidence that was the same day I found out god hands came with instructions on proper nipper etiquette and an easy no need to translate picture basically stating that runner was way too damn thick to be cutting with those God hands. LoL. Pro tip (I’m saying pro tip because not a lot of people know this) if your primary nippers are double bladed. 75 to 80 % of double bladed nippers need to be sharpened properly. Super easy to do the “kids” that originally made them did 95% of the job for you. Place the flat side of nippers on to a 8000 to 10000 grit Flat sharpening stone. And lightly run it till the entire bottom of the nips are flat. Funny thing the same kids that make most of the world’s medical clamps and devices. Are the same kids that make most of the double-sided nippers. They do excellent work it’s the wheels that are the reason why they’re not flat.also I’m not joking when I say kids. because of their small hands they’re able to make very fine precise equipment.

  63. Bearable Table より:

    over $100 dollars, damn…….. rather buy 2 Master Grades. lol

  64. Big Convoy より:

    im getting nambu pistol vibes from these kits

  65. JoshuapJudd より:

    Freaked out a bit when he cut that sprue with the God hands

  66. Randy Dela Rosa より:

    That barrel attachment on the blue one reminds me of Vector submachinegun, and the pink one looks like a Luger.

  67. Michael より:

    I like the design and the hand gestures of this gunpla series

  68. Kevin Baumhoer より:

    Well are these not from Akiba ranger

  69. kimkim より:

    wanna get them all! =D

  70. Kliffsly より:

    No offense but your shirt looks like you insulted a straight razors mother

  71. Gerard Mourits より:

    Take a shot every time he says bahrel

  72. nick possum より:

    The only thing I have to say is, Say Hello To My Little Friend!

  73. Metalhound 93 より:

    I heard from a friend that you could combine the guns together, is it true?

  74. Naota Kenichi より:

    WHen I stummbled on these on HLJ I had assumed that they;
    A. actually fired pellets
    B. came with the girls
    This is kind of disappointing, but then again if the girls are sold separatly then that saves me the trouble of worrying about the guns.

    Also nice video, subscribed

  75. Friendly Face より:

    The series for this toy is actually uploaded to youtube by Bandai. If anyone confuse by the idol on the card that is. Edit: lol its already on the video description.

  76. reza fahlevi より:

    Man, this whole kits are really awesome, made the P-Bandai kits put in shame


  77. Tony Yuu より:

    Yor hands looks like a woman hands, that’s not an insult at all n_n

  78. Nivlheim 09C より:

    I’m thinking of watching the drama series. I’ve seen EP1 so far. it’s kinda good.

  79. Andreas Suojanen より:

    I used that blue pour type on a white Gundam, band the blue faded over time… 🙁 Never had that issue with the other colors from that set.

  80. Ren Cen より:

    I assume the gun itself is small just so that it won’t be mistaken for a real gun eventhought it doesn’t look like a proper gun at all!

  81. Meltroidvania より:

    This gives me big “My Life as a Teenage Robot” vibes.

  82. Burai Online より:

    Please do an assembly and review of the Blast version of their guns. Thanks

  83. Its Newtz より:

    i dont understand, its just warhammer models without painting… painting is half the fun

  84. Dragnmastralex より:

    seems like its made for girls that are into guns and anime. small cause its made for a teen girls hands.

  85. Paradox_Saber54 より:

    I’m DEFINITELY getting these. I’m hoping to get the whole series.

  86. Noctiluka より:

    They look like overly designed hot glue guns.

  87. Proffapoluga より:

    “Out of the blue every Tuesday” is not the lore I thought I’d want so bad from this

  88. LokiLarr84 より:

    Gun pla where

  89. Rifdi game より:

    3:58 gio mode my favourite youtuber

  90. Azmuzahin Aziq より:

    Is there a safe marker/paint brand for abs type?

  91. Shreyas s より:

    u have a wife , no offense but i never thought u had one

  92. Princeton Valdez より:

    I wasn’t ready for that Gio San Pedro mode! hahaha!

  93. Chris K より:

    wish they fired a little nerf bullet or something

  94. Jalis より:

    The spiky bit at the end is known as a Stand Off device (though typically real ones dont have any spikes). Stand off devices prevent the slide of a semi auto from being out of battery if they are being pushed up on something, because if your slide is pushed a bit back the gun might have problems firing.

  95. hanadashi より:

    “this is a baby’s nipper”
    me with that exact one as my first nipper:
    The thing’s actually pretty nice tho