Girl Gun Lady (Natsuna tribute)

This ending song hits different when she died in the series😢

And to make it more emotional, lets include the moments of her with her team and them not believing directly when she died and find ways to proof if she really died or not, it was touching though. And reminiscing their moments with her, and also when they remember Natsuna because of Fuyumi, its so cute:)

I also love how she fearlessly fight despite in her last life.

Credits to all the rightful owners of the vids and pics.

Music Used:
Monologue by Hi Cheers!


  1. Art Life より:

    Miss them all

  2. Art Life より:

    Love from Malaysia

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  4. 菊池忠 より:

    シールは ver. NATSUNA にしました

  5. zuel より:

    4:13 秋帆が、かなり唐突なモーションで走り出して北本が弾切れに気づくのを遅らせる事で、自分の足の遅さをカバーしつつ懐に入り込む時間を稼いでるムーブが美しい。